Jenna Holmes is the founder and creative director of Plant Mama - a design studio residing in Collingwood, Melbourne. Plant Mama is an ode to the women and avid gardeners in her family, those who were the original Plant Mamas. She is an interior plant designer, stylist, and creative-green-thumb who is dedicated to creating houseplant culture through the aesthetic exploration of indoor greens. She merges her unique creative eye and her experience in design and photography with each commercial and residential project, building high quality plant aesthetics into everyday spaces.

At Plant Mama we build jungles, both indoor and outdoor. As a combined team of creatives, horticulturists and landscape designers, we develop concepts filled with carefully considered plant selections and construct a curated design aesthetic that is tailored to your environment. We work on both residential and commercial projects, spanning locally, nationally, and internationally.

Services offered but not limited to:

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Short and long term maintenance

  • Indoor and outdoor landscaping

  • Interior design, styling, and furniture sourcing

  • Workshops and events 

  • Repairing and rebuilding old jungles and gardens

  • Plantsitting and maintenance services whilst on holidays

If you have a project that is outside of the above scopes, we are always looking to tackle new concepts and proposals - so please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the ‘connect’ page.

Photo credit Eve Wilson via The Design Files

Photo credit Eve Wilson via The Design Files

There have been scientific studies that have proven that plants are receptive to music and can have an accelerated growth because of it, some with 20% more height and some with a 72% increase in biomass. Whilst growing up the original Plant Mama (my Mum) used to blast some disco tunes whilst watering her plants with the likes of Bee Gees, Abba, Earth Wind & Fire, Diana Ross and other classics.  A common thread to all my plant installations from the design stage to completion, is the incorporation of music and grooving into the creative process. The task of watering can become an enjoyable experience, so I share my playlist with you below. The playlist can be enhanced with the assistance of a pair of flared jeans and a lemon margarita, extra lemon and salt.

Yours in disco and love - P Mama xx


do you like pasta?

(I know right - how is that even a question)