who i am

Plant Mama is an interior plant designer, stylist & creative-green-thumb who is dedicated to creating houseplant culture through the aesthetic exploration of indoor greens. She merges her devotion & experience in photography with each commercial & residential project, forming creative high quality plant aesthetics into everyday spaces.

They say that plant love can be genetic, & in this case, it is. Coming from three generations of avid gardeners/plant lovers, Jenna was exposed from an early age the connection and value that comes from incorporating the outdoor to the indoor, through plants. Shadowing & learning the plant ropes from her mother, she picked up many other attributes from her. One being: grooving to disco music. There have been several scientific studies & new research on plant intelligence which have proven that plants are receptive to music & can grow at rates depending on what & how often they are receiving music. With the likes of Bee Gees, Abba, Earth Wind & Fire and other classics shaping her plant memories with her mother, she eventually found her own plant & disco groove too. Plant Mama is an ode to the women in her family, who were the original Plant Mamas.